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January 2018 our 10-yr anniversary

If someone asked me back in 2008 what I knew about economics, the honest truth would have been about slinging lemonade on the corner of Melrose Ave and E. Rienstra in the South Bay at the under ripe age of 5.

Fast forward to adulthood, now a rookie small business, restaurant owner I was unaware of what was coming my way as the economy went upside down for the first time since the great depression. I batted down the hatches and did what I needed to do to stay alive. I washed dishes, bussed tables, swept/mopped the floors, waited tables, poured wine, sat guests, did closing paperwork, etc... all the while meeting with vendors, shopping for product, creating menus and the list goes on. So crazy were the times, that my office sofa was often my bed for the night after an 18hr day. Fortunately for me, since those challenging times, I've been able to take down the boarded windows and breathe a sigh of relief as the economy rebounded. Atleast for now. Whew!

This January 2018 (date to be determined), I would like to invite all of the Bankers Hill residents and professionals to come and celebrate our accomplishment of still being in the game amongst the mushrooming restaurant scene of this young town. That also extends to all the loyal patrons from over the years, the new faces who have recently discovered WetStone and for the one's who will be newly introduced to us for a special evening of food and drink.

I am very thankful. I always believed that the organic growth of WetStone was a sight to believe in.

Stay tuned for a 10th Anniversary party.



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