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Beer, Wine & Sangria Specials

available to-go with purchase of food item

Photo by Marshall Williams


Tue-Sat: 5pm-6pm
Sunday 4pm-9pm



Select $8 glasses wines/sangrias 
$26 Select bottles 

$12-2 oz House Blind Flight Trio 
$2 off of all beers


Mediterranean olive mix 4 
Mango Salad 8 
House made Hummus 8 
Tomato Bruschetta 8 
 Chicken & Chorizo Flatbread 8 
 Seared Tuna Pintxo Duo  10




Whether it be enjoying a delicious seafood plate accompanied by an austere, mineral driven white wine, or treating your palate to a steak skewer with our house made chimichurri, and a dark, luscious red... it’s all here for you to explore and savour. With the elemental design of raw historical concrete floors, metal accents, knotted natural woods and tropical plant life, it pairs just right with soundtracks of smooth samba, traditional tango, eclectic electronic beats or some old-school jazz. It’s rewarding for us to express this to our guests and more importantly for you to embrace. And for those who have had the pleasure of traveling, may your time spent here transport to those far away places for a moment in time.

Photo by Anthony Flores

Wet Stone Wine Bar’s mission is to offer something unique and different through the menu, ambiance, music, and service. The vision is for those adventurous Foodies and Oenophiles to have a wine bar that would extend beyond the standard menu, the common producers/varietals and traditional setting.  Our menus are globally inspired small plate dishes with an adventurous wine list and award winning Sangrias...enjoy!



Bowls of: 

-Mediterranean Olive mix 6.50

-Spanish Marcona almonds 6.50

Roasted Marcona Almonds & Mediterranean Olive mix 8.50

Gourmet sweet almonds from Spain along with briny meaty olives.

 Great with a drink of choice

Spanish olive mix with burrata cheese 10.50

Served with crostini


(Add chicken breast 6.50/  4oz steak 8.50/ (3)tiger shrimp 8.50/ 4 oz seared tuna 8.50)

Caprese 9.50

Roma tomatoes, Basil & Burrata

with XVOO & Soy Vinaigrette

w/ dash of Aji Amarillo


Mango 10.50

A gourmet mix of greens with cubes of juicy mango, creamy young goat cheese, 

shaved red onion, crumbled walnuts & sherry vinaigrette



shareable or as a starter

Roasted eggplant 9.50

Over tahina sauce aka Mashawsha

topped with fresh herbs and toasted pinenuts


Blistered Shishito Peppers 9.50

Topped with shaved 3-month aged Manchego

Bathed in XVOO and dash of Soy


Papas ala WetStone 9.50

Roasted fingerling potatoes, garlic & paprika

served with house aioli

House made Hummus  10.50

Peruvian Aji Panca infused

served with Medjool date, pomegranate arils & pita


Tomato Bruschetta 10.50

Tomato, basil, shiitakes, capers & garlic

drizzled w/ soy & xvoo served w/ crostini

Guava paste Quesadilla  9.50 

Flour tortilla, w/ melted 3-Mexican cheese mix

In tribute to all the Caribbean pairings of this classic combination


Tuna en escabeche pintxo duo 12.50

Aromatic seared  tuna, Asturian queso Picon, Basque roasted Piquillo peppers

on toasted artisan bread

Chorizo Cantimpalitos 10.50

The BEST! Roasted mini pork cocktail sausages

served with country style mustard and toasted crostini

Bacon wrapped Medjool dates (3) 12.50

Plump Medjool dates stuffed with Danish bleu cheese

& toasted almond with dallop of aji amarillo aioli


Pulpo al Vasco 16.50

Octopus w/ chorizo Bilbao, Spanish olives (with seed)

 garlic shavings & roasted potatoes

Cebiche Caribeno 18.50

Visions of Bocas del Toro, Panama

Fresh white fish, tiger shrimps, coconut milk. 

pineapple, cilantro, habanero chile & citrus served w/ plantain chips


Tuna Carpaccio 18.50

Inspired by a  Nobu Matsuhisa cooking method

Hot oil seared topped w/ toasted garlic shavings, crumbled macadamia nuts,

soy dashes, squeeze & grated citrus 

served w/ crostini


Madras curried Tiger Shrimp skewer  17.50

with mango -habanero curtido

An exotic, bold-flavored pairing of sweet, spice and umami.

(4) large U-10 Tiger shrimp  


Surf & Turf  29.50

4oz steak skewer & (3) U-10 Tiger Shrimp

over avocado corn relish w/ bleu cheese crostino

The best of both land and sea. Treat yourselves! 

Moqueca (Pr: Mu-kekh) 18.50

In tribute to the Northern Brazilian seafood soup.

Roasted tomatoes, clam stock, chiles, cilantro

& dende  w/ nub of plantain, fresh local white fish

& tiger shrimps garnished with ahi Amarillo aioli & chimichurri

In the lively play and tribute to Pele! Boaaaa! Descanse em Paz.


Steak skewers 25.50

In homage to the Argentine duo of Steak and Chimichurri

Succulent cubes of  beef  enriched with marinade from the gods!

w/ roasted baby potatoes & avocado corn relish.

Do it for Messi! Vamos Boludos!

Churrasco 29.50

Inspired by the South American mix grill plate

Succulent lineup of grilled meats: Angus flat iron steak, Merguez lamb sausage

achiote marinated boneless chicken breast, & morcilla

dallop'd with our house-made chimichurri ala San Telmo

over wilted greens topped with a Danish bleu cheese crostino



Served w/ warm bread

-w/ trio of meats 20.50

-w/ trio of fruits 16.50

-w/ trios of fruits & meats 24.50

ADD Mediterranean olive mix: 4.50


Proscuitto 15.50

The classic Italian combination: red sauce, burrata, arugula & proscuitto


Wild mushroom & Artichoke 16.50

Taken from the popular combination of street pizzas of Orvieto, Italy

Melted fontina, luscious sauteed mushrooms and brined artichoke hearts

House-made Pesto 15.50

Seasonal herbs, selct cheeses & nuts

garnished with fresh herbs &  lots of love

Achiote chicken & Chorizo Bilbao 18.50

Since 2007, this pizza has been satiating many palates and appetites.

w/ red sauce, 3-cheese,  crema & chimichurri

An original menu item since 2007


Photo by theNebbioloGent

Wine List


House Select

Blind Flight Trio





Corkage $20 for 750ml (1) btl per reservation


Tropical White Sangria 9/32

A taste of the tropics that transports to places unknown. Fresh mango, lychee, & melon are the starters that dish a dime of joy. 

Posip, Korkula, Croatia 15/57

Deliciously austere, scents of the sea with crisp salinity. From younger vines that spent less time on the skins (2 hours or so). Its a remarkably light and fresh Pošip (Pr: Po ship) Ideal to drink with just about anything pulled from the sea.  It's defined by the elemental combination of Mediterranean herbs, thick pine forest, sunshine and sea breeze.

Askaneli, Tsolikouri, Prima,

Imereti, Republic of Georgia 12/45

 “Prima” produced from  the Tsolikouri grape varietal from the Republic of Georgia's western region of Imereti. The wine is elegant and firm as the famous Georgian ballerina, Prima Irma Nioradze. With mineral and floral aromatics that are characterized by extraordinary freshness.  It is perfectly balanced with notes of crisp, green apple, ripe citrus and exotic, tropical fruit. 

Apátsági Pince, Juhfark,

Nagy-Somlói, Hungary  16/61

Like much of Eastern Europe, Hungary is still rebuilding its wine industry after it was nationalized under communism.    

One of those great terroirs is Somló, which holds a viticultural history dating to Roman times. Somló is the country’s smallest appellation, consisting of a lone volcanic basalt monolith decorated with the crumbling remains of a 13th-century castle on top. This wine is stupendous, unique, an utter chameleon in the glass. The intense ripeness and acidity here is mesmerizing and with each passing hour, the full-bodied flavors bounced from tropical to stone to orchard fruits, all while thrumming with stony volcanic minerality. It’s powerful, mind-blowing stuff that truly has no analog in taste.

Crnko, Maribor, Slovenia LTR  BTL  12/57

High-toned Laski Riesling, Ravenec & aromatic Muscats, and a silty minerality characteristic of the estate define this vintage. Thirst quenching and light on its feet with healthy acidity also make it difficult to set down. During the summers in the village of Jarenina, locals mix it with sparkling water and then proceed to consume well into the next day.

Maurer Oszkar, Crazy Lud, Subotica, Serbia 15/57


Bright and sharp notes of yellow nectarine mingling with floral elements in this indigenous blend from Serbia. The wine is aged in a combination of steel and very old oak, maintaining both brisk acidity and elegant structure.

Origin: Fruska Gora, Serbia.Vintage: 2021
Grape varieties: Ezerjó, Szeremi Zold, Bakator, Welschriesling and others
Food pairings: Seafood, poultry, vegetarian, fatty dishes
ABV: 10.5%


Tetramythos, Roditis,

Pelaponnese, Greece 12/45

Fermentation: Stainless Steel

Fermentation duration: 3 months

Aging method: Stainless Steel 100%

Aging duration: 3 months

Vineyards: Stefania, Palia Ambelia, Koumarous, etc. Meaning: rings, old vines, arbutus field

Soil Type: Calcareous, Alluvial & Loam.. Endowed with uncommon weight and intensity for its modest price-tag. Scented and fine, it offers a honied dryness underpinned by firm acidity that confers a certain seriousness, while nonetheless offering a generous measure of pure vinous pleasure. 

Ercole, Bianco Monferrato,

Piedmonte, Italy 10/47  LTR BTL

Cortese (90%), Chardonnay (8%)& Sauvignon Blanc (2%). 

At their best, wines made from the native grape variety Cortese boast a serious yet pleasing weight, pronounced minerality, and beautiful acidity. In fact, the Cortese-based wines of nearby Gavi are among the most treasured whites of Northern Italy. We have discovered that adding a touch of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc further sharpens and thereby elevates this wine. Fun fact: Cortese was first documented in 1614, when the Castle of Casale Monferrato documented the grape in its ledger.


 Ken Forrester, Chenin blanc,

South Africa 10/37

Veteran South African hospitality professional and first exporter of South African wines to the states... meet his wine! A youthful, fresh wine with quince and pear aromatics. Crunchy green apple and grapefruit on the mid palate.

Great mouthfeel.



Corkage $20 for 750ml (1) btl per reservation


Exotic Red Sangria 9/32

Un traditional, dark & mysterious w/ unique flavor & depth.  A proprietary blend of blueberries, ginger & citrus. City of Angels tested and voted best on the WestSiiiide!

Coquelicot, Bordeaux blend,

Santa Ynez, CA 2009 14/53

Cab Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot &  Malbec come together for your pleasure. Intense violet hue & red skinned berries & cooking spices on the nose. Round tannins & lively acidity. A sure treat.

Fragas do Lecer, Mencia,

Galicia, Spain 15/57

(100% Mencia)

Dark purple. Highly perfumed blue fruit, floral and baking spice aromas show very good clarity and a touch of smoky minerality. Silky, seamless and precise on the palate, offering bitter cherry, boysenberry and spicecake flavors that deepen slowly on the back half. The spice and mineral notes drive a long, focused finish that's given shape by smooth, fine-grained tannins.

Domaine des Cellier, "3"

Cote du Rhone, France 12/45

(Grenache Noir 65% , Syrah 30% , Mourvèdre 5%)

What an introduction to the forthright virtues of of this producer. Supple, fervid and spicy brew of delicious black fruit that is almost dangerously gulpable. Hailing from two small parcels totalling about half a hectare just outside the appellation of Châteauneuf  du Pape, this greets you like a Labrador puppy wagging its tail. 

Ercole, Barbera, Monferrato, Italy

LTR Btl 10/45 

All stainless. Concrete barrel fermented.

 Many folks know the Barbera grape for its bright acidity, and this wine is no exception to the rule. Far less known is the fact that Monferrato’s most prestigious zones are dedicated to Barbera plantings. Wine of great depth and balance with ripe red fruits accompanied with soft mineral and floral core

Mainerdo, Nove Rosso,

Piedmonte, Italy 14/53

The color is brilliant ruby red with dark purple highlights. The bouquet is rich in red berry fruits, plum jam, cherries in liqueur, with subtle scents of vanilla, black pepper, and blackberry and blackcurrant jam. On the palate the wine is velvety, full and very harmonious. This wine’s outstanding smoothness is due to rather contained acidity and a mature, unaggressive tannic structure.


Terre d Alter, Alicante Bouschet,

Alentejo, Portugal 12/45

Palate medium-structured, soft and persistent. Color purple-red very dense and dark. Intense notes of dark fruit and spice with a floral nuance. Plums and prune notes, great acidity and structure. Silky and rich tannins. Very long and rich finish with notes of chocolate and vanilla.

Los Morros, Carmenere,

Central Valley, Chile 10/37

(100% Carmenere)

The name LOS MORROS, or “the hills”,

comes from vineyards in Maipo.  Intense purple.

Toffee, leather, cedar and strawberries.

Lively, juicy, black cherries and strawberries notes. It has silky tannins being round and tasteful.


Photo by Gabe Halvor Media


Wet Stone, located at the base of a turn of the century bldg.
in the landmark barrio of Bankers hill, opened its doors in 2007.

The restaurant is a San Diego Food and Wine hidden gem.
The perfect harmony of globally-inspired plates, an intriguing  & delicious wine list and a transportive ambience, leaves one to feel as though they are traveling  in a city far away.

Ideal for a glass and a book, an intimate date night, a meetup of a group of friends
or holiday parties and/or corporate buyouts.


Photo by JMorenopics


The dance of service, ambience, music and food is well choreographed and brings a symphony of joy for anybody looking for a unique dining experience.



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