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Whether it be devouring a South American-style churrasco plate accompanied by a well structured red, or tantalizing your palate with a madras curried tiger shrimp skewer alongside a refreshing austere white, it’s all here for you to explore and savour. With the elemental design of raw historical concrete floors, metal accents, knotted natural woods and tropical plant life, it pairs just right with soundtracks of smooth samba, traditional tango, eclectic electronic beats or some old-school jazz. It’s rewarding for me to express this to my guests and more importantly for you to embrace. And for those who have had the pleasure of traveling, may your time spent here transport to those far away places for a moment in time.


Thank you and salud!


Christian Gomez

Wet Stone Wine Bar’s mission is to offer something unique and different through the menu, ambiance, music, and service. The vision is for those adventurous Foodies and Oenophiles to have a wine bar that would extend beyond the standard menu, the common producers/varietals and traditional setting.  Our menus are globally inspired small plate dishes with an adventurous wine list and award winning Sangrias...enjoy!




Feta & Olives 7

Guava paste Quesadilla 8

House made Hummus 9

w/ xvoo, pita & dates

Potato Chips 2

Sea salt

Roasted Cancha 4

Roasted & salted Peruvian corn nuts



(Burrata: 4/ Steak 6 / Shrimp 6/ Chicken 5/ Lamb sausage 6)


Red & Golden Beet

Baby arugula, goat cheese & macadamia nuts


Proscuitto & Pineapple 10.50

Mix greens, fresh pineapple, crispy prosciutto,

         Parmesan shavings


Avocado Tomato 9.50

Tomato and avocado

w/ XVOO, house spiced vinegar



   House Specials

  Seared tuna 16

Hot Sesame oil seared, citrus sqeueeze

XVOO-soy drizzle, toasted garlic, fresh chives, pepita dust w/ crostini


 Steak skewers 16

w/ chimichurri, avocado corn relish

& potato au gratin

      Cebiche Caribeño 18

Mexican white shrimp, sea scallops, pineapple, citrus,

coco milk, cilantro, red onion w/ corn & plantain

Merguez Lamb Sausage 16

w/ hummus, pesto, yogurt & pita



Achiote chicken & chorizo Bilbao

w/ Mexican 3 cheese & red sauce 16

Wild mushroom

w/ Italian fontina, arugula & truffle oil 16

House made pesto

w/ 3 cheese 15

       Cheese Trio w/ crostini

seasonal fruit 15    trio of meats   fruits & meats 20


Please make server aware of any allergies.  Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions





Feta & Olives 7

Guava paste & Cheese Quesadilla 8

House-made hummus 9

w/ xvoo, pita & dates

Potato Chips 2

Sea salt

Roasted Cancha 4

Roasted & salted Peruvian corn nuts



 Add (Steak 6 / Shrimp 6/ Chicken 5/ Lamb sausage 6)

  Red & Golden Beet 9

w/ baby arugula,

 goat cheese & macadamia nuts


Avocado Tomato 8

Tomato & avocado

w/ XVOO, house-spiced vinegar

Add Burrata: 4


Proscuitto & Pineapple 10

Mix greens, fresh pineapple, crispy prosciutto,

Parmesan shavings





(Choose bread: Ciabatta/Pretzel Bun, Multi Grain or /Pita)


all sandwiches come with house salad OR potato chips


Chicken Breast 10

House aioli, House Slaw

Mashed avocado & Tomato


Angus Steak 12

Corn relish, avocado

& Chimichurri  


Seared tuna 15

Spiced aioli, House slaw

& Mashed avocado


Merguez Lamb 10

House slaw, Mustard

Pickle red onion, House aioili


Wild Mushroom 10

Fontina cheese, Arugula & Truffle oil


Tomato Burrata & Pesto 9


     Cheese Plate Trio w/ crostini

w/ seasonal fruit 15    w/ trio of meats 18     w/ fruits & meats 20


Wet Stone, located at the base of a turn of the century bldg. in the landmark barrio of Bankers hill opened its doors in 2008. Chef and proprietor, Christian Gomez, a local San Diegan of Latino and Asian descent, honed his skills in the many facets of food while marinating in the city of Angels eclectic borough of Venice beach, with stints in NYC and abroad.

The restaurant is an expression of his vision through the AMBIENCE of an elementally designed interior sprinkled with wood, metal, concrete, tropical plant life and a-moment-in-time images throughout. The FOOD treats you into a cornucopia of bold flavors and well executed dishes that are not only mouthwatering but are compiled and designed to compliment the experience.  The SERVICE is least invasive yet professional, which gets tied all together with a soundtrack of soft samba, cool jazz with a touch of electro-tango or ambient rythms. MORE...





The dance of service, ambience, music and food is well choreographed and brings a symphony of joy for anybody looking for a unique dining experience.








11am-2pm/ 5pm-10pm






Winebar & Cafe

1927 4th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101


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