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Dinner Menu

Cheese Boards

Served with fresh bread.

with Trio of Meats

A trio of select gourmet cheeses and artisan meats with fresh bread


with Trio of Fruits

A trio of select gourmet cheeses & trio of fruit items

Served with warm bread


with Trio of Fruits & Meats

Trio of select gourmet cheese, meats & trio of fruit items. Served with fresh bread.


Add Mediterranean Olive Mix

A mix of assorted Spanish olives


Table Starters

Gildas (3)

Famous Tapas bar offering with full umami blast! Manzanilla olive, salted anchovy, Basque Guindilla pepper bathed in xvoo


Mediterranean Olive Mix


Roasted Marcona Almonds & Mediterranean Olive Mix


Spanish Olive Mix with Burrata Cheese

Served with crostini.


Spanish Marcona Almonds


Warmed bread and Soft butter

The ultimate bread and butter starter



Add-ons: 4 oz chicken breast 8/ 4oz steak 12 / (3) U-10 tiger shrimp 15


Greens, tomato, basil and burrata
XVOO & Soy
dash of aji amarillo


Chicory Caesar

Radicchio, Frisee and greens with housemade caesar dressing and shaved parmesan


Red and Golden Beet Salad

Over chevrine yogurt crema, drizzled with a toasted coriander-seed vinaigrette, arugula and toasted pinenuts



shareable or as a starter

Chorizo Cantimpalitos

The BEST! Roasted Spanish mini pork cocktail sausages served with mustard and fresh bread.


Guava paste Quesadilla

Flour tortilla, w/ melted 3-Mexican cheese mix. In tribute to all the Caribbean pairings of this classic combination.


House made Hummus

Peruvian Aji Panca-infused ganished with xvoo, Medjool date, pomegranate arils & pita.


Papas ala WetStone

Roasted fingerling potatoes, garlic & paprika served with house aioli.


Morcilla Pintxo Trio

Spanish Morcilla (blood sausage), Basque roasted Piquillo pepper, and 6-month aged Spanish Manchego cheese, drizzled with house-made chimichurri served on crostini


Salmon Tiradito

Thinly sliced fresh, raw salmon, light shower of fresh lemon juice, sprinkle of lemon rind, drizzle of xvoo, topped with slivers of duck mousse pate', blessed with slivered almonds, dashes of aji amarillo puree' and fresh herbs. Decadent and delicious!

Paired with warmed bread


Spiced Green Beans

Roasted and tossed in spiced oil of aji rocoto, sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic and ginger. Served over house-made Mashawsha (Tahina) sauce and sprinkled with toasted garlic


Tomato Bruschetta

Tomato, basil, shiitakes, capers & garlic drizzled w/ soy & xvoo served w/ crostini


Small Plate Entrees

Asado o Churrasco

Inspired by the South American mix grill plate. Succulent lineup of grilled meats: Angus flat iron steak, Merguez lamb sausage, achiote marinated boneless chicken breast & morcilla. Dallop'd with our house-made chimichurri ala San Telmo over wilted greens topped with a Danish bleu cheese crostino.


Moqueca (Pr: Mu-kekh)

In tribute to the Northern Brazilian seafood soup. Roasted tomatoes, clam stock, chiles, cilantro & dende w/ nub of plantain, fresh local white fish & tiger shrimps garnished with aji Amarillo aioli & chimichurri. In the lively play and tribute to Pele! Boaaaa! Descanse em paz Xara!


Pescao Crudo

SERVED RAW. In tribute to the Ligurian style crudo. 4ozs of rotating, fresh fish, swimming in citrus & XVOO garnished with red onion, capers and fresh herbs. Served with warm bread and soft butter


Spiced Lamb Meatballs

In spiced tomato sauce, finished with red quinoa, yogurt crema and fresh herbs. Accompanied with toasted bread for scarpetta (wipe down)


Steak Skewers

In homage to the Argentine duo of Steak and Chimichurri. Succulent cubes of beef tenderloin enriched with a marinade from the gods! Served w/ roasted baby potatoes & avocado corn relish. Do it for Messi! Vamos Boludos!


Surf & Turf

4 oz steak skewer & (3) U-10 Tiger Shrimp over avocado corn relish w/ bleu cheese crostino. The best of both land and sea. Treat yourselves!


Tuna Carpaccio

Inspired by a Nobu Matsuhisa cooking method. Hot oil seared topped w/ toasted garlic shavings, crumbled pine nuts nuts, soy dashes, squeeze & grated citrus, served w/ crostini.


Flatbread Pizzas

Wild Mushroom & Artichoke

Taken from the popular combination of street pizzas of Orvieto, Italy. Melted fontina, luscious sauteed mushrooms and brined artichoke hearts.


House Made Pesto

Seasonal herbs, select cheeses & nuts,
garnished with fresh herbs & lots of love.



The classic Italian combination: red sauce, burrata, arugula & prosciutto.


Achiote Chicken & Chorizo Bilbao

An original menu item since 2007, this pizza has been satiating many palates and appetites. With red sauce, 3-cheese, crema & chimichurri.



Finish off your satiating meal with one of our house made desserts!

And to bask in all its glory check out our dessert wines on the OFF THE MENU board to compliment

Dark Chocolate and Guava paste Bread Pudding

An exquisite and unique combination to savor. Topped with fresh cream.


Platanos Foster

In tribute to the Bananas Foster. Roasted sweet plantains, bathed in exotic, spiced syrup of: green cardamon, star anise and cinnamon stick. Topped with fresh cream.


Dessert Pairing

Choose one of our house-made desserts with a 3 oz pour of one of our delicious fortified wines!


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Welcome to WetStone Wine Bar

WetStone Wine Bar is located at the base of a turn of the century building in the landmark barrio of Bankers Hill. Since opening its doors in 2007, the restaurant quickly became a San Diego Food & Wine hidden gem! The perfect harmony of globally inspired plates, an intriguing wine list and a transportive atmosphere, leaves one to feel as though they are traveling in a city far away. Ideal for a quiet glass of wine and a book, an intimate date night, a meetup of a group of friends for our beloved happy hour, or holiday parties and corporate events. The WetStone Wine Bar Team looks forward to serving you!

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Tues-Sat: 5-10 | Sunday: 4-9

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